MAPS Units

1st MAPS   Dyess AFB, Texas

2nd MAPS   Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

3rd MAPS   Pope AFB, North Carolina

4th MAPS   Rhein Main AB, Germany

5th MAPS   RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom

7th MAPS   McChord AFB, Washington

8th MAPS   Republic of Phillipines

25th MAPS   Maxwell AFB, Alabama

26th MAPS   Kelly AFB, Texas

27th MAPS   Minneapolis / St.Paul, Minnesota

28th MAPS   Chicago O'Hare, Illinois

29th MAPS   Selfridge, Michigan

30th MAPS   Niagra Falls, New York

31st MAPS   Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

32nd MAPS   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

33rd MAPS   Andrews AFB, Maryland

34th MAPS   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

37th MAPS   March AFB, California

39th MAPS   Peterson AFB, Colorado

40th MAPS   Rickenbacker ANGB, Ohio

41st MAPS   Keesler AFB, Mississippi

42nd MAPS   Westover ARB, Masschusetts

53rd MAPS   Pope AFB, North Carolina

76th MAPS   Youngstown, Ohio

80th MAPS   Marietta, Georgia

83rd MAPS   Portland, Oregon

84th MAPS   Greenville, South Carolina

85th MAPS   Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts

87th MAPS   Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

92nd MAPS   Wilksboro, Pennsylvania

94th MAPS   Warner Robins, Georgia

96th MAPS   Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

‚Äč137th MAPS  Oklahoma Air National Guard

There were many more Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units but I am not sure of the entire list.  I am sure as time goes on our friends from the Guard and Reserve will be more than happy to inform me.  Thanks to all that have contributed to the current list.