The USAF Mobile Aerial Port Squadron (MAPS) experience was unique and exciting.  The opportunity to travel allowed members to see some very interesting places.  It also allowed members to see places they wouldn't wish on their worst enemy.

The MAPS units consisted of multiple Air Force Specialty Codes in order to perform the mission at home station and while deployed.  The men and women that belonged to a MAPS unit developed a very close bond and some life long friendships.

The MAPS units were deactivated in the early nineties and those personnel that remained on active duty moved to different organizations and others took the opportunity to head for civilian life.

Some devoted fans of the MAPS units have held a reunion every other year since 2001, the last being in July 2017.  This website has been created to help spread the word about the July 2019 reunion and assist members in keeping in touch with one another as retirements, separations and Permanent Change of Stations spread us out across the globe.